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Headchefs® are kitchen utensils designed for kids who like to lend a hand in the kitchen but also designed to make the kitchen a fun place for chefs of all ages.

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Products and Services from Headchefs

Headchef kitchens products are made of silicone, metals and materials which are dishwasher safe and resilient in your child's hands. Headchef products are designed for baking, cooking and

common kitchen functions. Their bowls, baking tools, and other utensils are all functional forms enhanced with a bit of playfulness and charisma. Each utensil comes complete with a different personality, color and kitchen job.

Headchefs products include 23 tools such as spoons, spatulas, peelers, turners, measuring cups and more. Collect them all and engage your child creatively in the meal making process.

In addition to the Headchef utensils, other products include:

The Fully Loaded Burger Stuffer

No-stick Sil-pins Rolling Pins

1.5 and 3 Quart Base Bowls

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