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Second Life is your own personal 3D virtual world that has been designed and engineered from user-generated content. It is a place where you can create a resident avatar and interact with others. As a resident you can explore a virtual world complete with other residents and socialize and participate in activities, create and trade property, services and more.

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Products and Services from Second Life

Second Life is a 3D Virtual community constructed of members that have created personal or customized avatars, that are more or less an extension of themselves. You can pretty much do everything you always wanted to do, virtually. Buy stuff. Sell stuff. Gamble. Listen to music. Buy property. Flirt. Play games. Watch movies.

Avatars move through the Second Life world using a mouse or keyboard buttons.

Second Life’s includes sound, audible conversation, built-in chat and instant messaging. Residents can purchase property, start businesses, create objects, join clubs, attend classes, etc.

Latest reviews of Second Life


| 01-11-2013
| 01-11-2013

de lo mejor un poco adictiva aunque considero que podría mejorar.

muy buena......

| 01-11-2013
| 01-11-2013
gustavo j morales t

que te puedo decir si no lo pruebas como sabes si te gusta o no???????

Bastante Confiable

| 31-10-2013
| 31-10-2013

Es una comunidad muy divertida, bastante adictiva, es una manera divertida de socializar por la web.

| 14-11-2012

sem duvidas e a melhor!!!

| 14-11-2012

essa sem duvidas e a melhor!!!

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