New Advertiser: EBAY

ebay-logo1 BeRuby is happy to anounce that we are now partners with Ebay! As a BeRuby member you can now earn cash back on your purchases from Ebay. Two money savers all wrapped up into one! Here s how it works... When someone sells something on Ebay, they are charged sellers fee(s). These fees are how Ebay makes money and luckily they are willing to share some of that money with us so we can share it with you! Let s say you purchase a new cell phone on Ebay and it costs $100.00. You will not earn 13.33% of the $100.00, instead you will earn 13.33% of the seller s fee. A list of the fees can be found here: Overall you earn extra money so why not give it a try on your next winning bid?

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