September promtion: Earn money for inviting your friends!

Thanks for helping BeRuby grow!

Thanks to our loyal BeRuby users, we have registered many new users to BeRuby in August. To reward you for your help, we are offering the following promotion: During the month of September:
  • For every friend you invite who joins BeRuby, you will receive 10 cents.
  • For every person that the members of your network invite (and join) to BeRuby, you will also receive 10 cents.
  • To invite friends, simply log into your account and click on the “Invite” tab. Enter in email addresses using a comma to seperate each one. Press send, and that’s it!
  • The people you invite must reside in the US, however, it is not necessary that you reside in the US.
  • Your invites must confirm their email address after they have registered.
  • Promotion valid through 30 September 2009.
  • The commissions will appear in your account at the beginning of October.
Other important conditions: • Do not use a fraudulent account. • New users can not come from the same IP address (limit 3 members per household). • A user cannot create accounts on for or on behalf of other users, even with their consent. We remind you that our system automatically detects and disables fraudulent accounts. Please, do not risk your account. Fraudulent practices may cause problems for other users, and to the advertisers affiliated with BeRuby. We hope you enjoy this promotion and it helps you to increase the size of your network (and of course your earnings).

Thanks for helping BeRuby grow!

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