It s Beatle Mania!! Plus...contest topic!

If you haven t hear the buzz... It s Beatles mania at the moment. Today, 09-09-09, the Beatles remastered albums are being released. All your favorite classics can now be heard in crystal clear quality. On top of that, the new RockBand Beatles version was released yesterday, so now you can pretend you are one of the fab 4! Of course at BeRuby we can t help but to fall into the Beatle mania too, so check out this great offer from our partner FYE! Remember to buy your Beatles CD through your BeRuby account and earn money back on your purchase.


First, thanks to everyone who commented yesterday!! Here is today topic... post a comment and you could win $1.00! (see blog below for more details) What is your favorite Beatles song or album? What happy time does it remind you of? No need for a long post (unless you want to), just give me a thought or two about your moment in Beatle mania. Happy surfing (and commenting!),

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