Do, well, everything right from your phone.

Dude, where s my car??

Have you ever been in a parking lot only to find yourself completely lost because you don t remember where you parked your car? You feel as if you are pacing in circles with the shopping cart, trying to avoid the thoughts of being lost for hours in the abyss of cars, or, even worse, the idea that your car has wondered away with a criminal stranger. What a horrible feeling. A genuis inventor has used the magic of the Apple iPhone to make getting lost in parking lots, and many of life s other simple challenges a part of the past. Now, when you park, you simply open an app (application) called GPark on your iPhone and touch the "Park Me!" button, then when it s time to find your car, it will lead you, step by step right back to your spot. Could it get any easier? Beyond that, the Apple store offers lots of great apps for the iPhone related to going out, working out, managing personal finances and help around the house. (Plus, AT&T has refurbished iphones for a whopping $79!)


The Apple store is also offering great deals for students returning to school. When you purchase a Mac computer or laptop, you can receive a free iPod Touch mp3 player, which is a $229 value. Of course when you shop on the Apple Store website through your BeRuby homepage, you will earn cash back on your purchases. It s amazing how technology makes life just a little bit easier, one step at a time. Happy surfing (and parking!), Raquel

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