Calling all moderators!!

We d like to share a great site to help you network with other moderators. The Moderator Community serves as a gateway for community managers and owners, community experts and moderators interested in sharing and learning from each other. It´s a place to exchange, collaborate and learn among peers - community enthusiasts with similar interests. The Moderator Community was created because there’s no independent central place serving the needs of group moderators and community managers. They are the key people who actually keep the communities alive and active. However, the majority hardly receives any support from the community platforms. That s The Moderator Community tries to create “a one to go to place” to find good advice and relevant information with “one click”. There exist so much content on the web. It s highly fragmented and spread all over the place - you need to invest a bunch of time to find information serving your needs. This is what we are trying to change – helping to find all the information around the field of online communities. It is already packed with 1.000’s of resources around events, jobs and interesting content around the field of online communities.

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