The gift for the one who has it all...

smartboxfunWhile scratching the names off your gift list, there is always one who is impossible to buy for. Either this person is very specific about his taste or he already one of everything. Well, have no fear! I have a great idea to share with you for the impossible gift recipient! I stumbled upon this site several months ago and I am thrilled that we have added them to our BeRuby family. Recently, a friend was in a dilemma of what to buy her boyfriend as they were celebrating an early Christmas gift exchange. I suggested that she check out something called a Smartbox. The next day I received a very happy email exclaiming I had solved the dilemma. So what is this Smartbox? If you haven’t already heard about them, they are an international hit, with services available 16 countries. The basic idea of the Smartbox is that you pick a category for the “event” or activity of the gift. So, lets say I pick the “adventure” smart box. The recipient receives an illustrated guide of several adventurous activities available to him in his area, PLUS, a gift certificate to the location to experience the activity, all expenses paid. In a nutshell, you can pick the category based on the person’s personality and then they get to pick what the actual event. There are tons of categories, from luxury dinners to sky diving to complete spa days. The best part is that everything is REALLY affordable with Smartboxes starting at $49.00. Also, a lot of the activities are for 2+ people so it works as a nice gift for a couple or family. The Smartbox website has helped you find the appropriate Smartbox by listing gifts by recipient, location (state) and category. Additionally, for the holidays they are offering free shipping on all Smartboxes. It is a great way to give a unique and memorable gift. As an extra bonus you can earn 4.33% cash back when you purchase through BeRuby!

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