Got a bright idea?




Ever been struck by a great idea and felt the need to share it someone, or maybe with the world? Now, you can! BeRuby has recently made a connection with Ideas4All, a website dedicated to the open sharing of ideas and solutions to problems. With Ideas4All, you can post your great idea and dicuss it with others, or ask for help finding the answer to a puzzling problem.  The goal at Ideas4All is to collect 1,000,000 ideas to create a global brain, as people from all over the world contribute their ideas. Of course, with BeRuby, your great idea can help you can earn money. When visiting Ideas4All from your BeRuby homepage you will earn some easy money just by visiting. Or why not sumbit your genius idea and earn even bigger bucks? Might as well make some dough off of that Einstein brain of yours! Happy surfing, Raquel

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