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- always recommends cleaning and caring for your jewelry with revitalizing jewelry cleaners. - Before putting your gemstone jewelry into its jewelry box you should always wipe it with a soft cloth to remove excess dirt. - Silver jewelry tarnishes and dulls naturally, and therefore may require cleaning more often than gold and other metals. Always be aware of what chemicals are being used when cleaning silver, since certain chemicals can damage silver easily. - Pearls should be wiped with a soft cloth before and after storing them. They should be worn often to keep their high luster and should NOT be kept near other metallic jewelry since pearls can be damaged when in close contact with gold and certain gemstones which may scratch them. These are some great tips from My Jewerly Right now they are offering 20% off all jewelry with the code MJBSAVE20C


Here s today s topic… post a comment and you could win $1.00! (see blog below for more details) What is your favorite do-it-yourself tip? Can you clean anything with a lemon? Or do you have a great way to recycle something that would usually go in trash? Give me your favorite Heloise idea! If you have one of the best comments of the week, you just may win $1.00. Easy money! Happy surfing (and commenting!),

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