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  • They've started a topic about NEW CHANGE: beruby US in Spanish!!

     | 09/14/2012

    Can I cash out without any penalties since I am an American born and raised? It would be quite unfair and poor business practice to penalize me because I cannot speak nor read a foreign language, when this site was in English at the time I joined.
    By the way, many English speaking Americans really do not care if another company might be doing better than you are. We want English so we can understand what we are doing on the page.

  • They've started a topic about How can we earn by earn by visit

     | 01/05/2012

    Hi. I like the cleanness of the new design of Beruby, and it loads soo much faster! but I cannot find a tab for visiting sights to be paid. There is no get paid for visiting tab anymore, or am I missing it somehow? How do I get paid for visiting websites on Beruby?


  • They've started a topic about About Paying...

     | 11/20/2011

    Hi. Rather than begin a new topic I will post here if that is ok. I tried to cash out and beruby wanted my cell phone number. I do not have a cell to use to get a confirmation number. Why are confirmation numbers necessary? I cashed out last year. Why has beruby changed this, and how can I now recieve payment?
    Thank you!

  • They've left an pinion about Direct Gardening

     | 12/11/2010

    I ordered from them the first time this year. It took awhile for the order to come and some things did not make it, but I write them and get replacements. The items that did make the hot summer shipment are doing wonderful. The prices are fabulous and the selection is overwhelming. I just ordered a gift card for my folks for Christmas, and I will order from them again. I got all my fall bulbs through them this year, and can hardly wait for Spring to see them blooming. I spent all winter looking through the online catalog picking out the items I wanted to order for Spring. Plus they send free plants that are worth about as much as the shipping charge. The Fairy Pink roses line my walk to the house, and once they began blooming, they never quit until it got too cold.

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