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For those of you who have been reading, and read where I shared some great tips on moving, then you know I recently moved into a new house.  It has been a bit of a process getting settled, but I seem to be managing pretty good in between my work, school, and social life.  This past weekend I spent some time rearranging furniture to open up floor space and receive more light.  WOW! What a difference it made!   The move of one shelving unit created a giant area which now currently holds a lonely red shag rug which is screaming out for the perfect piece of furniture to accompany it. After spending an entire two seconds thinking about it, I decided what that space needs is a giant bean bag!  and who better to supply it? One of beruby’s very own… the LoveSac! Probably one of the most comfortable things ever created the LoveSacs make the perfect piece of furniture to just throw yourself on after work, the gym, on a lazy Sunday afternoon to take a nap, read a book, sip a glass of wine, watch a movie… oh! How the list could go on, and on… If you have never sat in a LoveSac, may I suggest that you go out, find yourself a local retailer and sit down; you won’t want to get up! LoveSac’s are the ultimate in alternative furniture.  How can you resist a massively oversized bean bags filled with chopped up Durafoam from recycled couches?  Not only do they make people super comfy, the LoveSac is fully modular, washable and interchangeable!


Confirmación de Saldos de Julio en beruby

Agosto ya está aquí, las Vacaciones de Verano llegaron y como no podía faltar en esta maravillosa lista la Confirmación de Saldos correspondiente al mes de Julio en beruby. Si quieres saber en qué estado ha quedado tu saldo tras esta última actualización, tan sólo tienes que darte un paseo por aquí y comprobarlo tú mismo.


Confirmación de Saldos de Junio en beruby

Con la llegada del calor, las terrazas, el buen tiempo y otras muchas cosas que nos pasamos el resto del año añorando, ha llegado la ¡Confirmación de Saldos del mes de Junio de beruby! Si además, estáis esperando a que comiencen las rebajas, ¿qué mejor momento para comprobar cuanto saldo se os ha confirmado y si ya podéis solicitar el cobro?


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