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Brick House Security offers a number of cutting-edge security and surveillance technologic products that are not only affordable, they are easy to use. Some of BrickHouse Security products include:

GPS devices that can be used to track both people as well as vehicles.

Child Safety devices allowing you to locate your children as well as monitor the people they come in contact with

Spy Equipment that can connects to a mobile phone or computer

Wireless Cameras

Wireless and audio oriented home security and surveillance devices

Fingerprint of remote controlled Biometric Door Lock devices

BrickHouse Security, also provides consulting services as well as security training

Cómo ahorrar dinero con Brick House Security

Earn cash back savings when you purchase your next piece of security or surveillance gear at BrickHouse Security using your beruby account. Be sure to visit our coupon page located in the advertisers section for the latest discounts and promotions as BrickHouse Security.

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Brick House Security

para tener la casa bien protegida .

Brick House Security
| May-07-2015

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